Gunpowder Creek Regulators
Club Information

The Gunpowder Creek Regulators is a S.A.S.S. and N.R.A. affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club.   Matches are held on the third Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am, with emphasis on traditional cowboy dress and authentic or replica firearms of the period. Safety is the primary concern at every match with a mandatory safety meeting held prior to each event.  Participants develop a shooting alias which can be based on a fictional character from the silver screen, a television western, or an actual old west figure.

At a cowboy action shooting match, targets made of armor plate steel are engaged by the shooter in scenarios which place the participant in what is best described as a scene from an old cowboy movie. You may in one stage be defending the town from a band of outlaws and in the next find yourself facing the Clanton Gang at the O.K. Corral.  Two single action pistols, a lever action rifle in a pistol caliber, and either a side by side double barrel or a pump action shotgun with an exposed hammer are needed to participate.  Solid lead bullets and shotgun ammo in size 7 1/2 shot or smaller are mandatory.

Becoming a member of The Gunpowder Creek Regulations has several advantages.  The most noticeable benefit is a member's monthly shooting fee is less that of a non-member.  Another benefit is The Mallie Woods Memorial Shoot (our annual match) and our Regulator's Christmas Party are members only events.  This insures that our members will never be left out of an event because it was full before they could get signed up.  To become a member you must fill out an application form and agree to the stipulations printed at the bottom.  You must also agree to abide by the S.A.S.S. rule which prohibits alcohol and other drug use before and during matches and behavior which is contrary to 'the cowboy way'.  We insist on keeping a family environment where all shooters will feel welcome.

Thank you for your interest in The Gunpowder Creek Regulators.